Two words pretty much sum up this movie: Holy sh*t. I went in that theater half-forgetting what the first two in the series were about. I spent half the time during the previews recollecting the memories and the other half regretting not doing a 4-hour Bourne marathon on the day before… it doesn’t matter though…

I have always been fond of the Bond movies and I traditionally saw every one of them on the big screen dismissing what other people thought, but screw them for now. Bond movies were high-octane for sure, but, with the exception of Casino Royale, they were always on the verge of the unreal. Not Bourne… never Bourne. These mixed intensity with realism for the ultimate thrill ride. The car chases, the fights, even the conversations were all in a state of agitation. There was not a single moment of stillness in this film, which might ironically play against the filmmakers—many people complained about Blair Witch-like shaky-camera effects. As a lifeless video game player, I didn’t mind the physical movement as much as the loss of information, like a camera snapshot in the dark. As for the rest of the whiners, get a barf bag.

Bourne is on the hunt for the source of all his problems, from train stations in England to the crowded streets of Morocco and finally the high-rises of New York. Surprise characters sympathize with him for his pain and misery, and help him along the way and at the same time object to the deceptive and aggressive actions of the espionage and intelligence agency.

When Bourne was fighting Desh Bouksani hand-to-hand, my mind, as did yours I bet, started to wander—why can’t we fat-asses kick some butt on a dime like that? I started canceling my important future plans (marriage, kids, investments, PS3… etc.) to clear way for some martial art and street fighting classes… until an on-screen explosion snapped me back to this miserable reality. That is when I realized that those were no more than actors with enough time and money to choreograph those moves one-hundred times over, so screw you Damon, you douche bag…. Please don’t hit me.

This is a great movie with a great score, great characters, great action, and great everything. Why not five stars then? I don’t know.