Month: July 2008


Hancock is one of those movies where if you look at its smooth, shiny surface from afar you will wonder “Hmmm, bizarre pornography?” But then if you scratch a little at it, you will find a mindless roller-coaster ride which defies all laws of physics. If you scratch further more, you will feel a pulseā€”a…

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

About a week ago, a long-time friend told me to check something out on youTube. “What’s this?” It was a nice pop tune intertwined with some symphonic music. He said it was The Price of Freedom, a track from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a game he had just completed on the Playstation Portable (PSP)….


When I first saw the WALL-E trailer I thought “Great effects! But probably a crappy story…” I thought, after the Pixar dudes shined with progressive masterpieces like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, that they must hit a bump and come crashing down at some point… and this was it. I have never been so…