I’m already caught up with Lost and I’m awaiting the final season in great anticipation. However, my wife, Linda, is still catching up on the story on DVD, so every once in a while I sit with her and watch, and with a small smile I remember the good old episodes and maybe notice a thing here or there which I haven’t noticed before.

It’s funny how she shifts her adoration from one character to another, and keeps asking me “Who’s gonna die next? Come on, tell me!”

“Absolutely not,” I keep telling her… “It’s like a book!” The long-term excitement is mostly in the build-up. Anyway, one tune in season 3, “Ocean’s Apart”, caught our attention.

“Whoa… What do you think of this?”
“It’s nice…” she said.

This started snowballing my thoughts and actions into another radio station update.

Here are the 4 new tracks:

  • Ocean’s Apart (Lost)
  • End Credits (Star Trek)
  • Broadcast (Terminator Salvation)
  • Kayla (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Honestly, and Star Trek fans might hate me for this, but I do not like the old Star Trek theme at all. I’m not talking about the popular theme that’s shared by every Star Trek movie and TV series. I’m talking about the part in the 1960’s series  that starts immediately after “To boldly go where no man has gone before!” Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhh aaaaaaaahhhhhh…

Sorry… Nevertheless, with the newly released Star Trek’s “End Credits”, Michael Giacchino puts a very cool 8-minute touch on the theme if you ask me.