Month: August 2009

Editor’s Pick!

Several days ago, Permanent Waves was designated “Editor’s Pick” by the Live365 team. After about 9 years of playing orchestral film music on the air, it was determined that Permanent Waves is “one of the top performing Live365 stations in terms of listener loyalty!” I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and…

Label me “Fallen”

If I were president, I would enact a new law: A film director or actor/actress must face the same punishment (or reward) the viewer faces when watching one of their works. With that said, if I were to add up all of Michael Bay’s atrocities since Armageddon, I think, I think, I would easily be able to just walk up to him on the street and dump a sturdy crap on his head and have him thank me for it.

Up is Down

My wife’s sister visited us for about three weeks. In addition to some of the enjoyable activities that we engaged in such as roller coaster-riding, hiking, hanging out at restaurants and some picnicking, I thought we’d catch a nice movie at one of the better multiplexes. “Up” was out and everybody was raving about it….