Yes, I’m so self-centered that I decided to name this music station update after one of the greatest events (or hoaxes?) in the history of the universe. And it’s a geeky update, not a cool one.

It’s been almost two years since I announced that I would probably maybe perhaps rip the station’s tracks from their highest quality sources and switch to using mp3PRO 96 Kbps. Actually, there was the Great Debate (again with the  self-absorption) and I was convinced by a lone (actually, the only) commenter to stick with the more balanced and space-saving 96 Kbps even if it caused people somewhere to DIE.

Well, I’m here to announce that I’m ready for the update, which will also include exciting new tracks from Avatar, How To Train Your Dragon and other films, so here’s a somewhat useless FAQ:

On which day are you going to do the update?

Since I’m a busy guy and can’t estimate time or deadlines for crap I think I’d like to go with the more conservative answer of: I have no idea.

Are you going to provide some sort of notice before performing the update?

I probably will, but it will be such a short notice that you will want to kill yourself… after you kill me.

What time of day are you planning on doing the update?

It will be late in the night—around midnight, with a giant cup of tea and some Porcupine Tree in the background. So sorry in advance for interrupting the nocturnal types.

Is it really going to be a Big Bang?

No. It’s going to be an incremental update. The station will definitely be stopped for several hours. I will upload ~50 tracks and then start it up again. I will continue uploading by increments of ~50 tracks, update and restart the play-list, and repeat.