It was one beautiful summer day in 1992. The skies were blue, the grass was green and the air was purer than ever. The birds were chirping and people were enjoying the outdoors with their friends and families. Of course, I was inside glued to the TV screen playing Sega Genesis.

Then came 1993 when with this strange new hardware addition to the console was release. Games on compact discs? OK. People somewhere must have been smoking something potent. But more importantly, video game soundtracks went from a polyphonic mess (not always!) to a whole new level. Ecco The Dolphin was one of the first titles that made the video gaming experience hypnotically movie-like. Even though its music may be categorized as New Age, it still fits.

Then came 2010 when I wasted 5 minutes of my life reminiscing about the past.

But before I go, 5 new tracks join the Permanent Waves play list:

  • “Dream Within A Dream” from Inception (Hans Zimmer)
  • “Time” from Inception (Hans Zimmer)
  • “Flow Like Water” from The Last Airbender (James Newton Howard)
  • “The Machine” from Ecco The Dolphin (Spencer Nilsen)
  • “End Title” from Little Children (Thomas Newman)