Year: 2011

Precious Distraction

With no station updates in more than 4 months and few e-mail replies here and there I’m sure most of you out there have been rioting and going on hunger strikes, wondering where the hell I have been.

The fact of the matter is a great life event has occurred—This past May my wife and I had a beautiful baby daughter. 🙂 Her name is “Layan”, which means gentleness or softness. She’s 4 months already, laughing, exploring and growing her own personality. The delay in this mini announcement kind of explains the distraction part…

Trekkies Might Smile… I Said ‘Might’

Hi, everyone! I added several tracks this past weekend and I forgot to post a small update, so I thought I’d log in from work and do it.

Now, looking at the newly added tracks you might think I have a hint of a trekkie in me or something, but I don’t. Not that there is anything wrong with it!

Here are the tracks…