Hi all,

I recently added several new tracks. Of course, the main theme of “Back To The Future”! How could an online soundtrack radio station not have this classic from day one? And I have been operating for 12 years… Hah! Operating. Anyway, wow… 12 years have passed already. Can you believe it? I cannot. You know, every now and then I take several minutes out of my life to think about where all the time has gone. Remembering movies I saw in my childhood is one example. Starting a radio station because I was bored the first couple of years of college.

Next are the Uncharted tracks. Well, I loved the soundtrack of the second episode and I knew Greg Edmonson impresses all the time (Firefly anyone?) and indeed he delivered. I bought the game on Thanksgiving, around the same time my best friend Baha, who is 6014 miles away, bought it. He told me he already finished it and asked me how far I got in it. I told him I was between getting it out of the wrapper and inserting it in my PS3. When there is a baby in your life, the gap between buying something and using it takes very long. By the way, he was the one who suggested “The Settlement”.

Video games are not the only thing raising a baby takes away—television-watching as well. A couple of coworkers of mine told me how awesome “Band of Brothers” and “The Pacific” were. One of them lent me “The Pacific”. What a magnificent piece of work that was. I have always been a fan of war movies or television series, especially those that revolve around WWII. This is how I ran into Han Zimmer’s beautiful music.

Last but not least, one day my dear wife tells me to check something out in the living room. So I go there and I see Johnny Depp’s face paused on our plasma TV’s screen. “What the… ? What is this?” She presses the play button… and, long story short, James Newton Howard’s “Bedroom Dreams” became a necessary addition to the Permanent Waves playlist. Thanks, my dear Linda!

I hope you all like these tracks. And before I go I would like to thank all the listeners for tuning in and suggesting new soundtracks. I would also like to send out special thanks to Robin Norris and Jeff Jones for making generous contributions to the station. Thanks!