Holy crap it has been a long time! I feel like a genie who just got out of a rusted lamp except with zero powers. It is unbelievable how it has been almost 4 years since I last posted here. Permanent Waves is still running in cruise control and there are still a few loyal listeners who are tuning in on a daily basis. Many thanks to you! Unfortunately, I feel like I let people down a little bit by not adding more tracks in such a long time.

The fact of the matter is life has been pretty busy. In the last two posts, I indicated how I was months late in my updates due to the birth of my daughter–she is almost 5 now!

Not only that, but several years later we were blessed with another daughter, Yasmine, after the beautiful flower, which happens to also be the name of some Baywatch actress. Yasmine is one year old right now, crawling and wreaking all kinds of havoc. These days, when she crawls she does like to take the path of least resistance, and by least resistance I mean her older sister peacefully lying on the floor watching TV. I am just thankful she has not figured out how to dig tunnels.

Anyway, I am kind of happy to post again. I am not sure how regular I will be, but this post is more of a check-in. Especially after updating the blog and the underlying infrastructure a little bit.

It is also a prelude to some a little depressing broadcasting news, even though I am a little optimistic. I will share in the next post.