Attention all listeners… Permanent Waves has a new home at Radionomy… and it is now live!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Live365 is shutting down, in fact, in a matter of days as of this writing.

In the past 16 years, this station has been the soundtrack of my life, complementing many of my life’s great events: first car, college graduation, first job, my first and only love, marriage, kids, etc. However, as with anything else in life, it has come to an end. Thank you, Live365, for everything you have offered me and thousands of other broadcasters and listeners around the globe.

The good news is Permanent Waves’ heart still beats on. Radionomy is the new host.

Radionomy is a free groundbreaking platform that is changing the way people from around the world create, discover, and listen to Internet radio. Radionomy provides everyone from artist and celebrities to professional broadcasters and music lovers with the tools and infrastructure to create, broadcast, promote and monetize their own online radio stations completely free of charge.

With things changing so rapidly in life, especially in the realm of technology, I cannot predict whether this home will last a day, a month, a year or until the day I die. But for now, it is… the new Permanent Waves home.

Please register and make Permanent Waves your favorite today!

With that said, the following are a couple of notes as we all get adjusted, including me.

I am not aware of a VIP or paid membership at Radionomy to get rid of advertisements, so this is probably the most annoying thing in this big transition. Furthermore, when I expected to hear advertisements every 30 minutes or so, I noticed that they were inserting short pieces of classical music with no voices. I have no idea what it means. I am thinking it is related to the set styles of the station, but I can be wrong. I will make sure to address it once I find out what it is.

On the technical side, the music bit rate is now 128 Kbps, which is the only one that Radionomy supports, as opposed to 96 Kbps that Permanent Waves used in the days of Live365, so you should hear a marked improvement in quality. If you hear any oddities in the audio of the stream, please let me know. Radionomy states that the music gets compressed when the station is tuned in from a mobile device, but only under certain conditions related to the station’s popularity, etc.

Also, I spent considerable hours in the last several days re-tagging the entire music selection with high quality album art. I felt the visuals must match the audio. If a cover art does not appear right or low in quality, again let me know.

Finally, I am still learning the ropes here. It seems like they have a very sophisticated and powerful system of delivery, but it is not very intuitive. I actually had a user manual open with the browser, side by side!

I hope you guys enjoy the new home!