Hi all,

I apologize for the negative title but it is a reality that many micro-broadcasters and I are facing today, especially those that are using Radionomy. Since Radionomy is free the company has certain requirements regarding the number of listener hours to keep the station running. This is understandable, of course.

Here is what Section 13 “Audience Minimums” of Radionomy’s Radio Stations Producer Pact (May 2016) states:

(b) If nine (9) months after the activation of the Radio Station and the programming’s retransmission by Radionomy, the audience is analyzed.

o if the Radio Station reaches the minimum audience required of 130h/day, the Radio Station is maintained.

o if the Radio Station has not reached an average audience of 130 hours /day, RADIONOMY shall deactivate the Radio Station and remove all Radio Station data from the servers (including musical pieces uploaded by the Radio Station Producer). Such data shall be definitively lost and may not be restored.

Since Permanent Waves was activated on January 29th of this year, end of October is closing in really fast.

The problem is in the shift from Live365 to Radionomy, many listeners went away and never came back. In the first 1-2 months, my daily average healthily exceeded the 130 hours/day limit, which is still way less that I used to have with Live365.

However, month over month, the hours slowly declined. I do not exclude myself from being a major factor in the decline as I have had a busy couple of years and an especially tough 3 months. I added 10 tracks a short while ago hoping to boost the station a little, but it does not look like it is working.

Today, the daily average is only 37 hours, nowhere near what is expected.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the future of Permanent Waves does not look good. After 16 years, I will be bracing myself for a sad moment in life.

I will keep at it until the very last minute.

Just to let you know, I am also digging for other affordable streaming solutions to carry the torch forward.

There is word, here and there, that Live365 is coming back, but probably with a different model. I will keep my eyes open and stay optimistic.