You’re in CIN3MA, a website which has evolved into many different phases and design, and is currently in blog form. It’s a casual movie site featuring reviews by an average moviegoer.

Moving Pictures


It all started back in 1997—It was the year I first came to the US. Before then, I wasn’t into movies at all, but I became somehwat of a fanatical moviegoer when I saw Braveheart for the first time. A couple of months later, I heard an adaptation of Sphere was going to hit the big screen, and I had already read Crichton’s masterpiece. I thought I’d dedicate a website solely for the movie.

After watching it (and puking a little), I thought “why not write a review?” I took it even further by building a movie review site: Keyser’s Movie Review Site with Sandstorm’s Input. Then it evolved into a Geocities-based site; MovieWorld.

In 2000, I split the site into two sections, introducing a second which was a streaming Internet radio station playing film scores 24/7.

Life has slowly become more complicated and busy. With school and work, topped by a recent engagement, I decided to switch the direction of the site into blog form as it’s much easier to maintain. In addition, the focus will be on high-level opinions sans any cast or production details. Simply, the site and its contents will be much more and relaxed.


I have received requests from various filmmakers to review their work, and I still would be more than glad to do it. Keep in mind that I will be completely honest and unbiased… unless you pay me dearly, of course. Seriously, feel free to send me an email with your request, and I will provide you with a mailing address to which you can send the screener, press kit, etc.

Permanent Waves

Permanent Waves is an orchestral film music radio station. It is basically an on-line 24/7 stream that plays a growing collection of movie soundtracks by numerous well-known composers and newcomers.


It all started in late 1999—An old friend of mine, Alex, introduce\ds me to this site where you could build your own “radio station”. As usual, ideas started flowing in and I have to admit, movie soundtracks wasn’t the first choice. It was the last and only one because it was… a ‘good’ idea to me. Film music is unique because it involves a lot of visualization and can help stir one’s emotions. I am very happy I chose it on top of anything else.


I would be more than glad to listen and sample your music. However, addition to the stream is not guaranteed unless I find the music suitable for the play list, since Permanent Waves plays mainly orchestral film and video game music. Please send me your request and material, or links to it, via email. I will provide a mailing address for demo or work submissions.

Video Game Music

For the first time, video games sales surpassed movie box-office revenues near the beginning of this millennium. This was caused by a widespread attraction of people of all ages toward the growth of more realistic video games, ignited by technological advancements in personal computing and entertainment consoles. With reality comes seriousness, and with seriousness comes better and more profound music. Cinematic video games like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty and Max Payne flip open a new page in the soundtrack genre. Prepare to face reality.

Favorite Genre?

I’m a huge fan of rock music–particularly progressive rock (progrock). I have two categories named after two albums by my all-time favorite band; Rush. Surprisingly, progressive rock is very similar to classical music. Progrock has attributes like: long compositions, a variety themes, concept albums, use of unusual time signatures, scales and tunings, even inclusion of well-known classical pieces. It is a highly visual and artistic genre of rock. Favorite artists include Rush, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Yes, Fates Warning, Arena, Iron Maiden, Camel, Joe Satriani, Led Zeppelin, Pain of Salvation, Savatage, Spock’s Beard, and Tool.